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Vachik Gevorgyan

Vachik Gevorgyan, CFA is the CEO of Apricot Capital CJSC, an investment firm registered and licensed by the Central Bank of Armenia in 2022. He is also a lecturer of Chair of Finance at Armenian State University of Economics. Mr. Gevorgyan is a graduate of Armenian State University of Economics, where he received MS degree in Finance and PhD degree in Economics. His professional career started at Armswissbank CJSC – a Yerevan based bank specialized in investment banking services, where he was a financial analyst. In 2011 he moved to the Central Bank of Armenia to hold the Researcher position at Financial System Stability Department. In 2013, he left Central Bank of Armenia to join Central Depository of Armenia as the Head of Depository Services Department. In 2018 he moved to Araratbank to hold position of Investment Banking Director. Mr. Gevorgyan joined Balchug Capital as Deputy CEO started from February, 2020.



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