1 day / 6 panels
ConFEAS 2019

June 14
Depozitarul Central

Silvia Buicănescu

Silvia Buicănescu is the Chief Executive Officer of Depozitarul Central since November 2014, previously serving as Director of Settlement Operations Division within the same institution, for six years. With an experience of 20 years in the capital market, Ms. Buicanescu activated also in the Bucharest Stock Exchange. In Depozitarul Central, Ms. Buicanescu coordinated a series of strategic projects for the capital market in Romania, such as the SWIFT implementation, segregation of trading and post-trading systems, implementation of T + 2 settlement cycle, the migration of Depozitarul Central to the pan-European settlement platform TARGET2-Securities within the first wave, the implementation of the EU standards for corporate actions processing and the accreditation of Depozitarul Central as Local Operating Unit for the issuance and maintenance of LEI codes.

Graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, the Faculty of Commerce, Silvia Buicănescu also completed various courses and specializations in important institutions, such as the International Institute for Capital Market Development (Washington USA), European Central Bank (Frankfurt, Germany), Banca d ‘Italy (Frascati, Italy) and Banque de France (Paris, France). She is also a member in several committees and working groups of the European Central Bank and the European Central Securities Depositories Association.

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