Muscat Stock Exchange

Haitham Al Salmi

Mr. Haitham Salim Al Salmi is appointed as a new CEO of  Muscat Stock Exchange, previously he was general manager of  Muscat Clearing & Depository which acts as the sole Central Securities Depository and Clearing House in Oman.

Mr. Haitham’s responsibilities include providing leadership to the organization towards business growth and excellence; developing and implementing the overall strategy, and supervising risk & control procedures.

Mr. Haitham has over 15 years of experience in various, highly regulated organizations in the capital market of Oman. He started his career with the regulator, the Capital Market Authority (Oman) and primarily focused on supervision over licensed securities firms, investment banks and asset management businesses for 5 years. Then he moved to the private sector and started off as the Head of Audit and Compliance where his key responsibility was to ensure enterprise wide compliance with all regulatory requirements and to also manage the operational and financial risks.

Over time, he rose the level of top management and ran the operations of a brokerage company as the General Manager and later became the Vice President of one of the largest investment banks of Oman.

Mr. Haitham had completed his MBA from Bedfordshire University of UK and BS degree in accounting from College of Commerce and Economics from Sultan Qaboos University.

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